Mudgee – The Big Move

When I finally did decide to make the move to the Country…. I chose Mudgee – the hometown of my mother and her parents who lived and worked here for many years; they also dearly loved Mudgee.

My grandparents have been a very big influence on my life, my grandmother was an extremely good cook and was well known for being able to whip up a dinner or an afternoon tea for anyone who just happened to “Pop By” at the drop of a hat…… and they often did….. My grandfather was the telegraphist at the Mudgee Post office; his job was receiving and sending Morse code via telegrams and in the war he personally delivered these to the wives and mothers of servicemen and then sat and talked to them, for as long as they needed … Mudgee is that sort of town, and I am very proud to be part of their family.

I remember growing up in the city and wanting so desperately to move to the Country; my mother would often talk about a country town called “Mudgee” and her own wonderful childhood memories growing up. She always remembered having the most wonderful feelings about Mudgee and how it was such a friendly country town.

Gosh, I wished I had those memories for myself and my school life and childhood memories. For me, growing up in the city – the country was ‘light years away’ … I would Often Think, “How Do You Get To Live There” ??? “

This may sound strange but for most people who have grown up in the city; it is a HUGE decision to live in the country. The two lives are so completely different. Even to this day, I see how the country and the city lives are like two different worlds, both with their own jargon and way of life. It took me years and years to get the courage to follow my heart …. In the end it was simple…. I decided to Just Move and Give It My Very Very Best …. And I have NEVER looked back 🙂 🙂

Oh and the history ! Did You Know that Mudgee is the second oldest town in the Central West? AND is the home town of the very famous ‘Henry Lawson’ ? We do have to share Henry though …. because he was actually born in the township of ‘Grenfell’ … (Which is another ‘lovely’ country town in the Central West …… Flat Country ……… but hey we can’t hold that against them, can we? they are still ‘lovely’ people …. 🙂 ) and then Henry moved to Gulgong as a child with his parents and siblings and spent many years writing and living in the town.

Henry Lawson, if anyone does not know or has forgotten, is one of Australia’s Most Famous Writers. He wrote “The Loaded Dog” and is probably best known for writing “The Drover’s Wife”. Gulgong has a fantastic little museum dedicated to Henry Lawson, called “The Henry Lawson Centre” with lots of wonderful history and personal possessions of Henry.

So now that I knew in my heart WHERE I wanted to live – it was time for me to decide WHAT job I wanted to do in the Country 🙂

Until Next Time: –
Baaaaaaa from Juli