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Ba Mack Farmstay Merchandise

Original Designs Made And Produced By Farmer Kate

We are so excited to have merchandise / gifts for our wonderful guests to purchase as reminders of your stay, or to take home as a unique gift for that special someone.

There are so many happy memories to be made at Ba Mack Farmstay that we wanted to provide a selection of souvenirs for your family to take home as a reminder of those special times on our farm.

Those who have met Farmer Kate know that she is a talented artist and is now designing and producing our very own merchandise.

All designs are hand made and produced on our farm by Farmer Kate – our own little cottage industry that we are so proud of.

We can now happily offer T Shirts, Caps, Mugs, Tote Bags, Magnets and Stickers in a range of colours and sizes.

T Shirts

Children’s T Shirts – Size 1 up to Size 16
$15 per shirt


$15 per cap


$12 per 11 oz mug

$15 per 15 oz mug

Tote Bags

$5 per bag


$4 per magnet in a range of sizes


$4 per sticker sheet or $1 per die cut sticker

You can purchase your merchandise anytime during your stay, or if you would like, you are very welcome to purchase at the time of booking and your merchandise will be here waiting for you on your arrival.  

Either way, we are very excited knowing that your family can take home a little “Ba Mack” with you and keep living those extra special memories of your visit with us.

For all orders over $50, a complimentary tote bag will be included with your purchase.


More photos and merchandise will be coming soon

Our Gift Shop Is Open

We are now selling our very own merchandise –
T Shirts, Caps, Mugs, Tote Bags, Magnets and Stickers in a range of colours and sizes, personally designed and handmade by Farmer Kate on our farm