The Ultimate Interactive Farmstay Experience

Led horse rides, feeding our many farm animals and helping to bake homemade afternoon tea for you to enjoy are just some of our numerous complimentary and fun activities for the whole family that you will love while staying with us at Ba Mack Farmstay.

From the very moment you arrive you will feel very much a part of our family and farm life with my homemade afternoon tea and a welcome committee of an array of animals to personally greet you.

My daughter and I are here for you during your entire stay. With a maximum of only two families staying with us at any one time, you can be assured of receiving lots of “one on one time” with us.

“Connecting Children With Animals”

Please do not worry if your children (or even yourself) are very nervous around animals in any way because we will spend as much time with you as you would like to help overcome this.

People often ask us what our favourite animal is – and wow that is so hard to answer … when you come and stay with us and see all our animals you will understand why. I wonder what your favourite animal will be?

Every morning, after enjoying a generous full country breakfast with my own freshly baked bread; you are invited to help us feed all our many animals. We can’t wait to share so many stories and information about animals and country life with you.

“Horsey Time”

Each day after the morning feeding, your children will be given the opportunity to experience lots of “horsey” time, with basic instructions on how to handle, groom, saddle and ride a horse (on a lead).  Your children will also be able to enjoy a cart ride on one of our beautiful horses.

Due to insurance, all our lessons and rides must be on lead, however, we can show you lots of things that you may not have ever had the opportunity to do before and we enjoy sharing this wonderful experience with you.

“Homemade Afternoon Tea”

Mmmmmm who remembers homemade freshly made scones with whipped cream and jam, chocolate chip cookies, ice-cream etc?

Well, your in for a real treat because your family are welcome to help me bake something yummy every afternoon in the homestead kitchen and enjoy afterwards.

If you have a favourite afternoon tea, be sure to let me know and I will be happy to bake for you.

Afternoon tea is freshly baked every afternoon for you to enjoy.  Your family are very welcome to join in and help me to bake in our homestead kitchen and then enjoy afterwards at your leisure

Pssssst we really do live in paradise and have very limited mobile and internet service available on our farm. Enjoy life without technology and see how wonderful it can be