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First of all – I would personally like to give a HUGE thank you to a wonderful person who has built our new website for us … We thank you so very very much Rich Thompson from Cadence Media.

I know that everyone is going to enjoy our new website as much as we do.

Feedback is very important to us. We love hearing your comments about your stay and also appreciate ideas on how we can make our farmstay an even better experience for you and for other families.

We are so happy to say that you are now able to leave your feedback on our website as well as leaving reviews for us on Trip Advisor and Google.

Please know that you are always welcome to talk to me directly; either by phone or by email anytime at all.

Another of the wonderful benefits of our new website and one that I am very excited about is that I can now “Blog” about our farmstay and introduce all our wonderful farm animals to you. I have so many stories and pictures to share. I can’t wait to talk to you every month.

This month, I would like to introduce “Wilbur” 🙂

Do you remember “Wilbur” from “Charlottes Web”? … mmmm quite a while back I know but get your thinking caps on because I thought it appropriate to call our pet pig after him.

Our Very Own “Wilbur” will be waiting for you when you arrive … (getting bigger by the day might I say but oh so very friendly).

Did you know that pigs are extremely intelligent? Wilbur certainly is. When you arrive, don’t forget to call out “W I L B U R” and say a big “Hello” – Guess who will come running from his paddock ? … (By the way, did I mention that Wilbur thinks he is a dog ? )

Wilbur LOVES all your food scraps and you are welcome to personally feed him anytime. Well, you know, he IS a PIG after all.

We look forward to sharing our farm with you.

PS.. Every month I would like to share a little snippet with you so that you can get to know us a little more. My favourite link for you this month is:

We Have Lots In Common

Until next Month…

Baaaaaaaa From Julie 🙂